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We will work with you to find which of our products may best fit your clients.

We administer and service all programs from our Dallas location.

Your clients will experience some of the best customer service in the industry.

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Creating Solutions for Tomorrow's Healthcare Insurance Needs - Today

In a highly competitive and dynamic industry,  Alpha Data Systems has managed to develop and maintain a distinctive measure of strength through adherence to a deep-rooted philosophy of personal service to clients, and a commitment for continual improvement in advancing our plan offerings and technology to position ourselves ahead of the competition.

We believe that business is rarely lost. The competition usually finds it. Our objective is to maintain a competitive edge by adhering to these beliefs and employing a highly skilled experienced staff to support our customers and business partners.

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Rising healthcare costs force more and more employers to cease providing coverage for their employees.  Many employers do not realize they have options.  The Alpha Care Essentials line of products provides affordable healthcare expense reimbursement for individuals and families.

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